NAOMI Speaks is the program that highlights Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Top Executives across the globe. NAOMI Speaks hosts a quarterly brunch throughout the year. This valuable resource is designed to build women up to be the leader they were designed to be. NAOMI Speaks is an environment of inclusion for all.

(1) Quarterly Session – is a quarterly event where CEO’s ( Naomi’s) share their real life experiences. This event is organized in a manner that is to empower women both professionally and personally. Life has a way of throwing some big stones that can derail and paralyze women in many ways. We want to help them find themselves and eliminate the potential of failure. Life experiences cause an enormous amount of pain and we as women tend to lose our self-worth, self-esteem and uniqueness in life. We give steps and tools that will move each participant from being stagnant to knowing their true worth and give them the ability to rise to their potential that is within them.

(3) A Night with Naomi – is an intimate evening for an up close and personal time to sit with our our NAOMI Speaks Leaders/Speakers. This event occurs twice a year. Our NAOMI’s share their real world insights into life, love, business, etc. The Naomi’s share some of this most heartfelt moments that turned their pain into purpose that includes tenacity, resilience, and perseverance. They share how they walked out their granted grace moments with themselves and those around them spiritually.

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