In order to LIVE ELEVATED in 2024 it required me to be EQUIPPED in 2023. I have to admit 2023 was brutal.That year felt like an endless test, but amidst the trials, I clung to a belief instilled by my mother—that everything necessary for an elevated life resides within. This belief equipped me to face and overcome the obstacles of 2023.

Honestly, I initially doubted my choice of word in January 2023. I shared on social media that my word meant living the year without constraints or limitations, finding stability and focus in my life. What I didn’t realize until I revisited those videos was that both times I recorded, it was raining. It became a metaphor—when life poured down challenges and brought issues that affected my well-being, I needed the right resources and resilience to live out the essence of that word. I weathered quite a few storms.

What I was saying and didn’t know at the time is that I had to be equipped for all the setbacks, setups and breakthroughs that came in the year. When I got off the plane from LA in January that word came full force in my life that day. My self esteem took a huge hit. I grappled with past traumas, crippling my trust in myself and others. I withdrew, propelled by an existing fast, finding solace in isolation until February. Emerging from that seclusion, I carried a mended heart, having confronted and healed its wounds.

Throughout 2023, I delved into self-love, strengthened my faith, and gained clarity on spiritual matters. Embracing the journey, I learned to trust the process and deepen my belief in a higher power. It was a transformative experience that brought peace to my soul. Now, as I step into 2024, you might wonder how being “Equipped” prepares me to live out my word to “LIVE ELEVATED.” These principles are intertwined:

  1. YOU + GOD = MORE THAN ENOUGH – I found myself navigating situations with only God by my side. At times, God assured me that together, we could overcome the obstacles in our path. What seemed like a lesson ultimately transformed into a profound blessing. I had to take huge leaps of faith in 2023. It was frightening, yet incredibly rewarding. This experience empowered me to have bold confidence I didn’t have before.
  2. SPEAK LIFE– This was a significant transformation as I began speaking positively into my own life and circumstances. I worked on dispelling the falsehoods that undermined my self-esteem and self-worth. Past traumas echoed loudly in familiar situations, resembling reflections of my past. However, what truly healed and purified me was altering the story in my mind and embracing the belief within my heart that this time, things were different. Absolutely, this time, it truly was different.
  3. KNOW THE TRUTH– I have a Spiritual Director, therapist, and loving friends and family who speak truth into my life daily. Through the challenging lessons, I’ve had mixed results—some of the lessons I have passed with flying colors and some of the lessons I have failed miserably. Yet, even in those moments of failure, I discovered my humanity, felt love, and recognized my inherent worth.

The journey in 2024 will definitely be an uphill climb. Being real with myself, the word “ELEVATED” for this year implies challenging upward strides. I foresee paths adorned with lush greenery, some winding, and others straight. Staying focused is crucial to avoid stumbling or faltering along the way.

There will surely be victories; I’ll skip a few steps from having learned lessons exceptionally well. I anticipate more lessons, tears, and moments of excitement. Having weathered the EQUIPPED season, I am confident that the ELEVATED phase will affirm that life—granted to me—is rich with hope, passion, peace, and, amidst it all, the constant presence of God. Taking that step this year will be a lifeline you didn’t even realize you needed. LIVE ELEVATED in 2024—your life awaits!

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