These three words..changed my life. For a majority of my life I have felt undervalued, disrespected and not appreciated for all of who I am and what I do for people. It was writing and reviewing the analytics for this ministry that I realized that while what is in front of me makes me feel a certain way. It is this very ministry is what makes me feel quite the opposite.

You see what I do in business and in ministry is never about me. It’s about the people that I am called to have impact with. It’s about the people who need a gentle nudge to feel empowered. It’s about the people that need to know they have value.

We have all heard that respect is earned. However, when we look at scripture it says to give respect.

If you ever don’t feel appreciated stop and take inventory of the good things. It is in those moments that God will show you that you are. Ask God to give you a glimpse into your own life. It will give you hope. So for all of you today I say thank you. Just as much as you have made me feel valued, respected and appreciated. I want you to know that all this ministry does is to make sure that you know that you are valued, respected and appreciated.

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