Are you Equipped?

My POWER word for 2023 is one that was created about 3 years ago but was shared with me over 20 years ago. As I was finishing out 2022 strong (in my opinion of the definition of strong) I have been intentional about my focus. I have been in New York with my daughter. I haven’t let the cares of the world consume my every waking moment. I have done what I needed to do. I haven’t pushed to do something that can really wait. More importantly I have rested (that is something that is hard for me).

As I thought about this word EQUIPPED…I had to really go back to where the word equipped came up. It was a conversation with my mom from well over 20 years ago. As I was in my mom’s kitchen discussing my fears and concerns about my next steps in life. I remember my mom looking me in my eyes and saying ” you have everything inside of you to do what you are called to do”.   It was in that moment that I realized that my mom was saying my daughter…you are EQUIPPED! That meant that I had all the necessary tools to do whatever it is in life that I want to do. So as I sat down to write what does EQUIPPED mean to me. All of the below came pouring out to share with you.

What does Equipped mean for me:

  • Empowered-ok, I have to be honest, feeling empowered was hard after the last couple few years with COVID. I have felt like I had been living in a vacuum trying to figure out what was really the next step in life for me. I finished grad school but what was planned when I came out of grad school fell completely apart because the pandemic happened a little over a month before graduation. I have to say that it was in that moment that all the things that had been sitting on the shelf with the label fear over it had to be looked at. I took the fear label off all of those items and just knew that I was empowered to do it. Even if I had to do it scared.
  • Motivated– staying motivated is one of my super powers. I say that because once I pushed past the fear I became my own cheerleader. It’s one of those things where you have to on a consistent basis look in the mirror and speak life and believe it. As I think about the movie I remember Viola Davis character telling the young girl. YOU is smart, YOU is kind, YOU is important. You might need to put post it notes in your car, bathroom mirror and even an electronic version one on your phone. No matter which one it is keep cheering for you.
  • Unique- there is not another person on planet earth like you. You are uniquely created to be who you are. So embrace your uniqueness and let the world see the beautiful YOU that were put on this earth to be.
  • Innovative-I have so many creative ideas that hit my mind every single day. For the ones that need to be put into action I have to be strategic in my approach. I don’t want what I do to ever be about me. I want it to be about the people that I am blessed to be in relationship with. I always want to find the answers to the solutions and give the answer that will motivate and empower others to be the conduit for change.
  • Purposeful Pioneers- Living in your purpose must be defined and orchestrated with intention. I have said for well over 20 years that we should all be atmosphere changers. When we walk in the room the light inside of us should shine bright. Purpose is what you were put on this earth to do. Once you find it go be the pioneer in that area. If you have no clue what that is then spend some quality time figuring that out. Don’t spend the rest of your life living someone else’s dream. Live the one you were created to live.
  • Educated-I have the knowledge and wisdom to do what I am called to do.
  • Destined-this one is something that I really need you to grasp ahold of. Just knowing each of us is destined for greatness (you are too) is something hard to agree with.  It takes time. I  know this to be true. So no matter hat is meant for me is meant be will be.

So as I walk out 2023 I know one thing for certain I will remember this statement when situations tell me that I am unqualified. It will be in those very moments that I will dig down deep and remember that I AM EQUIPPED. I hope that you will do the same for yourself.

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