You are Simply The Yes

My Year of Yes started in November 2017. It came with so many bumps and bruises that I thought that I was saying “YES” and God was saying “NO”. The contract position that was paying me a lucrative salary came to a close, my business was at a standstill and the relationship that I thought was about to blossom came to a screeching halt.

I found myself asking God the hard questions so that I could see through his lens and not the one that was trying to destroy my self-esteem. After a few challenging weeks what I realized is that I was in an all-out war with the enemy for my soul. He wanted to block, stop and abort God’s purpose and plan for my life. I have been through quite a number of setbacks a couple of years prior that the enemy really thought that he had legal ground to take me back to the very place that God had delivered me from. When I recognized his plot I began to ask God for the strategy on how to walk out my Year of YES!

Before I even give you the strategy you might be wondering “What did you say YES to?” What I was saying YES to is every part of me that was telling me NO. No, that I wasn’t good enough, No that I wasn’t smart enough, and No that I wasn’t pretty enough. What I fought in the spirit is to tell the enemy that YES this woman is MORE than ENOUGH!

As I began to see the truth around Christmas of 2017 I did what we all should do. My first strategic move was to take a holy hush! That holy hush was getting quiet and it allowed me to get out of my head and my feelings to see the direction God was taking me. My second move was to stop sharing all that I was doing because the enemy has the ability to hear your plans and he makes moves to stop them. My third move was to recommit my morning time to prayer. I take the first fruits of my morning and give my all to God. It is in those secret places that he downloads everything that he wants you to do. My fourth move was asking God to order my steps. By allowing him to order my steps I don’t get in his way. I submit to his plan. My fifth and final move was I asked God to release the resources that I needed in order to get what I needed from him to walk in purpose. These 5 strategic moves seriously allowed me to walk in complete healing and wholeness.

So as I am completing this year of Yes and preparing to walk into 2019 I see what was looking like NO’s has turned into complete all out YES across the board so that I can reach the NEXT LEVEL (our 2019 theme). Getting to this Yes wasn’t easy. I wanted to quit many days. What kept me going was recommitting daily to the YES. Now that it is here I see that the enemy doesn’t have legal ground to make it a NO! [ctt template=”1″ link=”vTArM” via=”no” ]So what does your Yes look like? What I realized after all the headache and heartache that I was really committing to was me… I learned on this journey that I am SIMPLY THE YES…and so are YOU![/ctt][simple-author-box]

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