About Us – Our Story


Our Mission

Self Esteem Elevated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our mission is to deliver programs aimed at equipping individuals with effective strategies to cultivate healthy self-esteem, enhance self-worth, and establish a solid sense of personal identity. Our primary objective is to provide transformative programs that empower individuals to embrace their purpose, break free from obstacles, and experience genuine personal growth.

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Our Purpose

At the core of our beliefs is helping every individual understanding that they possesses the capacity to experience healing and wholeness. This transformative process involves acknowledging and confronting the root issues that hinder personal growth, allowing us to stride forward with genuine freedom.

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Our Passion

Our fervor lies in witnessing the restoration and completeness of individuals. Through strategic vision casting sessions, educational workshops, and seminars, we offer a diverse range of opportunities. These encompass healing techniques, leadership development, and even entrepreneurship training. Our aim is to empower individuals with exceptional resources that enable them to envision and embrace their true selves, living and thriving in alignment with their unique purpose. Our motto of “ Do YOU and DO YOU WELL”  is our fundamental principle for people to SEE how BeaYOUtiful they were created to be.

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Our Story

Self Esteem Elevated originated in the summer of 2006 within the residence of Cheryl Roseborough, an inspiring visionary. The initial gathering consisted of 22 women, all sharing a deep desire to facilitate the healing of those who have experienced emotional distress in terms of self-esteem, self-worth, and personal identity. Throughout the years, this organization has experienced growth and has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals, both men and women, on a global scale.

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“Our heart is to connect people to their authentic self and live out their life purpose!”

Cheryl Roseborough


SEE Beautiful You!

SEE Beautiful You is a comprehensive and holistic 12-month curriculum meticulously crafted to facilitate personal transformation. It empowers individuals to recognize and confront the internal challenges that hinder their ability to live a vibrant and fulfilling life. By delving deep into their inner lives, participants are guided to identify and address the areas that act as obstacles on their journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.


Naomi Speaks

Naomi Speaks is focused on spiritual formation that includes a quarterly brunch session, leader training and small group sessions. The goal is to lead women into developing the ultimate relationship with Jesus Christ. To be a valuable resource for building women up  to feel respected, appreciated and valued.


Vision Casting

Our Vision Casting sessions helps individuals, organizations, or communities establish a direction and purpose, align their efforts, and motivate themselves and others towards achieving that vision. Our sessions involve setting specific goals, defining strategies, and outlining the steps required to turn the vision into reality.

Our Crew

Our Visionary and Crew

We are a team of spiritual influencers who are dedicated to enhancing your self esteem, self worth and growing your confidence.
Cheryl Roseborough
Sydnee Prince
Social Media Manager
Jaime Stapleton
Margo M Williams
Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Brown Ross
Tiffany M. Morgan
Web Developer